Build your Agency Data Pipeline (Course)

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By David Krevitt from CIFL

When you’re SEO data analysis maxes out what a Google Sheet can handle (that pesky 2 million cell limit), it’s time to move to a database like Google BigQuery.

David over at Coding is for Losers has helped a number of digital agencies and marketers make this move, with his Build your Agency Data Pipeline course.

By the end of the course, you’ll have a fully automated data pipeline for your SEO data analysis work – pulling data from APIs like Google Analytics, SEMrush and Majestic into BigQuery.

David teaches how to combine tools like Stitch, Supermetrics, DBT, and Google Sheets to build your pipeline.

The course has been offered for free to all RankTank Pro members ($999 value).

*Given the discount, this offer does not include a free 1-hour office hours session with David, although you’re welcome to email him with questions.

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The course includes:

A detailed walkthrough of how we built our own internal data pipeline at CIFL, pulling data from 8 APIs (Google Analytics, FB Ads, and more) to answer the question: which is the highest performing marketing channel for the CIFL blog?

Roadmapping exercises and instructions for building your own data pipeline, specific to the challenges of your work.

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