Competitor Keyword Research, Non-API Version (SEMrush)

No longer available to new RankTank Pro members

By David Krevitt from CIFL

This is a new version of the Competitor Keyword Research template, that allows you to analyze your site without an SEMrush API subscription – so you can use it on the base SEMrush plan.

It allows you to build a map of potential target keywords, based on keywords your site is already ranking for.

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No longer available to new RankTank Pro members from 31 December 2018

Current Version: 1

Not sure where to start your keyword research?

How it works?

It does this in a few steps, ending in the ‘Keyword Opportunities’ tab:

1) Find keywords your site is currently ranking for

2) See who’s competing with you for traffic

3) Analyzes those two datasets to pluck out opportunities

The final output is a list of keywords where you can improve your ranking, and a list of fresh keywords to target.

The template parses SEMrush CSV exports, so you can use it even if you don’t have an SEMrush API subscription.

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