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Search engine position tracking has never been so easy or free!


From 1 July 2019 any RankTank free user running more than 1000 queries per domain per month will be rate limited and asked to upgrade to either of the two RankTank paid options.

The new version of the free keyword position checker tool now supports the ability to save your rankings to a new tab so you don’t lose any historical data when you re-scan. It also provides for desktop and mobile user agents when scanning.

This Google keyword rank checker allows you to paste in a list of keywords, enter your domain, and pull back all of the Google keyword rankings. The position tool totally free and built completely into a Google Sheet!

Update: Remove row (keyword) limitations by using the Pro Sheet.

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Includes support for the SEMrush Free API Trial
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Current Version: 20 (Add-On) / 30 (Legacy)

Keyword rank monitoring with free & open software

Set this sheet up to run on a schedule, and you’ve got yourself a free automated SERP rank checker that’s totally free! Automate keyword ranking reports, track and set alerts on Google position changes, and get a full understanding of what keywords you do rank for on Google – and where – totally free!

Where do I rank on Google?

This free SEO tool will let you check keyword rankings relative to your domain, right inside of a spreadsheet. There’s a lot of free keyword tools out there, but this tool is completely open and transparent. All of the code is right there for you to view, modify, and tweak to your needs? Create something cool out of this? Hit me up and let me know!

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581 thoughts on “Free Keyword Position Checker Tool

  1. Etisalat Internet Plans

    I want to check my rank in google for my website but there are multiple tools available in google that tell me about ranking, some off them shows me in top 100 or some are not what should i do now?

  2. First off I would like to say this is awesome! I have been looking for a method to check my rankings as much as I would like without getting banned by Google. I do have one question for you though. Is there anyway to have the rankings only pull for my domain? I have a few keywords that are showing up with the ranking and ranking URL for walmart or amazon. Granted they are my products but I would like to just have only my domain itself. Other than that this tool is epic. Thanks Again

  3. Very Useful tool for searching many keywords. I usually search many types of nonprofit fundraising keywords. This tool helps me a lot.

  4. This tool is no doubt a neat and clean tool with very accurate result.

    For the free legacy version, I wanted to know exactly what are the limits?
    I see somewhere 1000 KW. What does that mean?

    1. Can I fetch as many KW ranks ( within 1000) as I want or
    2. Total rank fetch is 1000?
    3. What will happen after that?
    4. In case fetch is attempted after 1000, will it block the ranking domain? Will the block go off after some time or it is prermanent?

    • Hi Jeniffer

      1. You can fetch 1000 SERPs for any amount of domains/keywords.
      2. Total fetch per month is 1000 on the free sheet.
      3. You will get a limit exceeded message after this.
      4. Your limit resets on the 1st of the new month for the legacy sheet and 30 days from signing up on the add-on.

  5. I’ve released v30 of the free keyword position tool. The new version now supports up to 1000 keywords in the sheet (as scan limits are imposed for free users) and also includes support for desktop and mobile device rankings. Let me know what you think and stay safe.

  6. this could be extremely helpful. Yet, for me, it just continues saying “need to retry” when I include my watchwords. In any case, possibly I am accomplishing something incorrectly.

  7. I could get a copy of that spreadsheet you created? I’ve been looking for that type of tool for automated analysis. Thank you!

  8. I Really loved this tool, thank a lot for adding awesome stuff to your site, it helped me a lot to find mine niche relevant keywords

  9. You only need to consider upgrading to version 28 if you experienced issues with keyword branded domains being detected as ranking incorrectly. For example: domains containing your domain name as keyword showed as ranking for your keyword instead of your own domain.

  10. I need to know is this a paid tool or a free tool as i am having issues in finding a suitable free tool for keyword rank checking.

  11. Great tool, I would like to say this is awesome! I have been looking for a method to check my rankings as much as I would like without getting banned by Google. I do have one question for you though.

  12. I’ve released v27 of the “free” keyword position tool, the new version has much more liberal limits and can again be used for free granted we don’t detect commercial use. Please upgrade to the new version to try it out 😀

  13. Hi, I added a few keywords, but none of them were crawled successfully. I tried to copy and delete some keywords, but it didn’t help. Do you have any idea why it doesn’t work?
    Thanks a lot for an answer!

  14. Hello,

    I am using the free tool in a spreadsheet in
    In a table cell is the following message :
    Version 21
    VERSION 25

    When I click on “CLICK HERE” nothing happens
    The content of the cell is “=checkForUpdate(internalFunctions!A3,internalFunctions!A5)”

    Could you let me know how to update to Version 25 ?

    Thnak you in advance for any reply.


  15. Hi, I added a few keywords, but none of them were crawled successfully. I tried to copy and delete some keywords, but it didn’t help. Do you have any idea why it doesn’t work?
    Thanks a lot for an answer!

  16. Unfortunately, this great free keyword position checker tool is not working anymore, it is not free anymore. I had not been opened any sheet file on Google docs in more than a month, i opened it today, i have only 30 keywords that i wanted to check their positions, and i only get that annoying message again “Upgrade to RankTank Basic -> $10/domain/month ->” so i think you should completely remove the free from the name of this tool, it is obviously not free and a misleading tactic, it’s a pity! time to look for another tool

    • Hi Alex, we cannot offer this tool completely free anymore as Google made changes that does not allow us to crawl from within Google sheets. Since we’ve all had many years of free usage I don’t think it’s unreasonable to get the same for a small fee to cover crawlers and bandwidth cost.

  17. Hi,
    I don’t rellay understand what “RankTank Basic -> $10/domain/month” means.
    Only one domain, 100Kw per sheet, but I can change Keywords and crawling frequenzie as often as I want to?

    • Hi Roland, you can change keywords and crawling frequencies for a single domain, your RankTank Basic key allows you to do unlimited scans, but is limited to your chosen domain.

  18. Hi Jaco,
    i add 28 keywords row but only works for the 3, for all keywords appears
    Upgrade to RankTank Basic -> $10/domain/month ->

  19. The new version 23 of the free keyword position checker tool now supports the ability to save your rankings to a new tab so you don’t lose any historical data when you re-scan. This feature is still in beta so let me know how it works for you.

  20. This is great tool to check your website keywords position in google and it has also many features that increase your knowledge about your domains performance. It’s really awesome and I using it for a couple of months. Thanks.

  21. Keyword Position Tracker is not working as free in 22 Version and I always used this tool to track my keywords ranking and recommend to many people….but all they are put question…that is not free. Can i know reason behind this why this tool is paid now…..

    • Hi Balvir, sure, the tool has a free limit now as it’s no longer free to crawl Google. They made changes to block free crawling via sheets, we now ensure we use our own crawlers which have bandwidth and server costs. Please consider supporting our efforts, as we scale we may be able to again offer more free scans.

  22. Hi! It’s my first time to use the tool but it wants me to upgrade even though I only have 4 keywords to fetch. Can I request to have the limit cleared off like Julie please so we can determine if this tool is for us? Thank you so much!

  23. Hi Jaco,

    On my file, I get the “Upgrade to RankTank Basic -> $10/domain/month” message however this is the first time in several days I am using one of RankTank tools and I only had 70 keywords to fetch.
    This means I shouldn’t have hit the daily limit you mention on your membership page : “From 1 July 2019 any RankTank free user running more than 1000 queries per domain per day per month will be rate limited and asked to upgrade to either of the two RankTank paid options below (…)”

    Why do I get this message ? Could you explain ?


    • Hi Julie, your usage was detected heavy enough to validate the upgrade notice by our API, this notice does not clear unless you upgrade. As a once-off courtesy I have cleared it for you, but to avoid it in future please do consider upgrading as crawling does have inherit costs attached to it.

      • Thanks for your explanation and gesture (I actually thought there was a reset each day) and totally got your point on the costs generated by this tool. Gonna think seriously about upgrading 🙂

        Thanks !

  24. If you’re getting “No response”, assume you’re hitting some limit and consider RankTank Pro or try again later. You can contact me if you’re unsure, just include your domain (the one you’re checking rankings for…). 🙂

    • Jaco, thank you for your all effort fixing the issue and getting us awesome tool such a this. I am waiting for a new version about 2 months but what a pity 20. version is still giving error as “No Response”.

      • Please do not abuse the free tool, if you’re getting no response please make a new copy of the sheet as I now log usage.

  25. We are aware of the issue with the sheet being blocked by some recent Google changes. We are working on a fix and should be able to provide feedback shortly. Please keep in mind that many of the tools are provided free of charge to assist the community. Please consider a donation to RankTank in order to assist with future development.

  26. Hello Jaco, this is sheet is not any more working and not demonstrate a solitary watchword position, it indicates just only crawling crawling crawling.

  27. Hello Jaco, How are you?
    since few days your rank sheet is not working, is there any issue, i am waiting for your reply, Thanks Srishti

  28. Hey Jaco, this is sheet is no more working and not show a single keyword position, it shows only crawling crawling crawling.

  29. Hi, Could you please show me how to check the keyword ranking? I did not see any tool which help me to find out the keyword position. Thank you alot and have a nice day!

  30. Hi Jaco,

    Any update on a working version of the file? I still get Google captca warns.
    BTW, I also checked your “Infinite Google Suggest Keywords” link and it seems that infinitesuggest is no longer working.

    Thanks !

  31. I always use this tool to track my projects ranking. But facing problems to track. It show kind of error: “Google is asking to solve the CAPTCHA”

  32. Diablo Skerim Belanı

    Hi Jaco,
    In results there are more than fifty percent Google Captcha error. Looking forward to see the new version!

  33. I’ve released a new version 19 of the keyword position tool sheet which delays requests a bit and warns of Google CAPTCHA requests so you can manually retry them. We are working on a better fix for this, but in some regions the sheet already performs much better. 😀

    • Hi Jaco,

      free sheet (newest version 19) and pro sheet (version 18) both are getting the following error: {“message”:”Service invoked too many times for one day: urlfetch.”,”name”:”Exception”,”fileName”:”RankTank_GoogleTricks”,”lineNumber”:1,”stack”:”\tat RankTank_GoogleTricks:1 (getRank)\n”}

      The error persists since yesterday while two days ago everything was just fine. I hope you can find a solution soon.
      TIA, Frank

    • Hey Jaco, i think it is giving lots captcha than rankings. can you solve or we should wait for new version.😀

  34. This is such an awesome Tool. I have been using RankTank for quite some time now. I also encounter the error message. A quick fix is just to copy the keyword – then delete – then paste it back again. I am quite confident the developer would be able to come up with a solution on their next update 🙂

  35. Hi,

    Getting the following error message: {“message”:”Unexpected token: u”,”name”:”SyntaxError”,”fileName”:”RankTank_GoogleTricks”,”lineNumber”:1,”stack”:”\tat RankTank_GoogleTricks:1 (getRank)\n”}

    • Just to explain this error, it is due to Google asking us to complete a CAPTCHA, we will see if there is a way to work around this and will release a new version if we find one.

  36. I’m getting this error too!
    {“message”:”Unexpected token: u”,”name”:”SyntaxError”,”fileName”:”RankTank_GoogleTricks”,”lineNumber”:1,”stack”:”\tat RankTank_GoogleTricks:1 (getRank)\n”}

  37. Hello!
    Actually lots of error messages: {“message”:”Unexpected token: u”,”name”:”SyntaxError”,”fileName”:”RankTank_GoogleTricks”,”lineNumber”:1,”stack”:”\tat RankTank_GoogleTricks:1 (getRank)\n”}
    Can you please check that.

  38. I’ve just released an update for the keyword position tool. The new version is 18, it features a massive code cleanup and speedup as well as minor adjustments to how we speak to the Google API. If you experience issues with the new version please let me know. 😛

    • Hi Jaco, its not giving all keywords ranking, having issue in displaying ranking

      {“message”:”Unexpected token: u”,”name”:”SyntaxError”,”fileName”:”RankTank_GoogleTricks”,”lineNumber”:1,”stack”:”\tat RankTank_GoogleTricks:1 (getRank)\n”}
      showing this message in many keywords


  39. Hey Olaf! I just tried it with tracking Does it give you an error? What domain did you try to track in

  40. Consultant Marketing

    wow! how you mass querying google without a proxy? cant google block you? or do they see the query coming from a google doc and so let you off. from my experience if i add say 1000 keywords … G will block me.. and give me a captcha to solve. are they dtecting my IP?

  41. Julian F. Christmas

    That is a jolly smart solution to simple rank tracking.

    The beauty of this “rank tracker” is that it can be easily integrated into Google Data Studio for client visualisation.

    Thanks for sharing this Jaco

  42. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. It’s nice to know there are friendly people out there! I do have a question though. Is there a way for me to check rankings from a specific location ! Mahesh Dhokale

  43. Hi, I added a few keywords, but none of them were crawled successfully. I tried to copy and delete some keywords, but it didn’t help. Do you have any idea why it doesn’t works?

  44. Is there a possibility that a ranking is displayed in the Google Map Pack. This shortcoming would have to be fixed so that the ranking is displayed correctly. Nevertheless, Rank Tank is a great tool.

  45. hi there is it still possible to get the free rank tank tool that shows the ranking a keyword phrases for A SPECIFIC DOMAIN ????
    I have been here for 20 minutes and signed up to two different pages but i am unable to find any download

    • Hi Philip, it sure is, just click on the “Open in Google Sheets” button on the page. Then click on “Make a Copy” to copy the sheet to your own Google account.

  46. This is by far the most unique tool we have ever come across and will be testing this tool over the course of the coming days. Great work by the way

  47. Semrush and Google keyword planner have always been my best tools for getting keyword ideas for .
    Thanks for sharing.

  48. I tried to check keyword ranking. I am so impressed about rank tank. But it have limitation on the number of keyword rank checker. By the way, thank you for giving the useful information! Have a nice day!

    • The free sheet has a limit of 100 keywords. The RankTank Pro sheet can accommodate 2K+ real-time tracked keywords for only $149/month, this also includes access to all the RankTank Pro sheets. The Elite account will allow for up to 100K keywords, but you need to contact me directly to discuss this.

  49. Hi Tankers, I’ve released an update for the keyword position tool. The new version is 17, if you experience issues with the old version please update and let me know what you think. 🙂

    • the sheet only shows the website ranking first on the SERP. It is not showing my website ranking and other columns provided like above and below are not working.

  50. hey i have asuggestion for you. why dont you use moz api for keywords? it will make work much easier
    i was searching for “best demat accounts” for the domain but not able to found it anywhere and the competitor sites showed me the keyword position

  51. Hi there,
    This looks like a fantastic tool, and I’m sure it is! However, are there any instructions anywhere? As soon as I plucked in my first url to track my position, the rest of the data in that column disappeared. Do I need to get an API key from Semrush as a prerequisite to use this tool??
    Please help…

    • It’s incredible, it’s smart and fast, it tracks the position right away!
      Lately i’ve notticed a few of Need to retry in the Live Rank column, but it’s very OK overall!
      Congrats for this awesome tools!

  52. hey sean. thank you for this tool. In the latest version (15) i only get “not ranked” no matter what i try (setting google german language deutsch). version 13 still works though. any idea why this happens?

    • Hi Rene, looks like Google made changes then realised their mistake and reverted them. I have now defensively coded v16 to take into account both types of result sets. Please try and let me know if this resolves your issue?

      • hi jaco, thank you for the update! now it seems to work. i will notice you if this changes. 🙂

  53. I released version 15 of the keyword position checker to take into account the latest Google changes. The sheet now works better than ever 🙂

  54. Hi Guys, it looks like Google made some API changes which is causing the keyword position checker to fail. I’m currently look to release v14 with a workaround for the problem. Please be patient as we’re working on it.

    • I added version 14 as a *beta* fix making use of a proxy to fetch the result data. This may result in limiting from Google or even blocking so please keep me posted on how it’s working.

      • v14 version doesn’t work for me. Get an error “{“message”:”Empty JSON string”,”name”:”SyntaxError”,”fileName”:”RankTank_GoogleTricks”,”lineNumber”:49,”stack”:”\tat RankTank_GoogleTricks:49 (getRank)\n”}”

  55. Hey suddenly rank tank shows that my site doesnt rank anymore to no keyword at all. But if i google them, I can still find my site. What could be the reason for it? Is there a bug in ranktank? Or do I have a problem with my site?

  56. Hello dear
    thanks for suggesting the best keyword position checker tool. However, I have a keyword and it was 3 position on the first page. It was still 2 month. After two months my keyword showing 1 position on the first page without any additional work or SEO. Now I have a question that what kinds of SEO worked behind of this result?

  57. Nope, I don’t see a 3 digit position for a few keywords . I guess this tool checks for the domain on the first 10 pages of Google result.

  58. I found a locale issue after a Google November 2017 update. For this I used a new hack in sheet v13. Grab it and let me know your feedback. 😛

  59. Hi Guys, I have released a new version of this sheet (version 10) with many improvements including speed enhancements, a fix for with or without www and domains. 😛

      • I am also having this issue. Even when I have a domain under “Your Domain” that is also showing as “Who ranks number one?,” it shows “not ranked” under “Ranked URL” and ” – ” under “Rank.” Obviously it’s ranked if it’s ranked number one…

        I’ve tried different Google accounts.

        Please help!

  60. I’m having a issue trying to use this tools in two of my domains. It shows me ‘not ranked’, but when i look at the SERP, its ranked. Can you help me?

  61. hi Jaco,

    sorry for noob question, but where is the tool for keyword ranking. I landed on this page but i see nothing

  62. I have dealt with a LOT and I mean a lot of keyword position tools. Almost all of them are wrong placement lol. SMH. I don’t know how these companies get people to pay $40, $100, $500 for their software and then the software SUCKS. I used Rank Tank a few weeks ago; easy to set up, free, and what can I say its freaking correct on the placement all damn day every damn day lol. Plus, I asked Jaco a question (albeit stupid lol) on Twitter and he answered pretty damn quickly. So ya. I will never buy another keyword rank checker as long as Rank Tank is available! :o)

  63. Hi and thanks for that great tool.
    But I do not understand – where is the code?
    How can I have a look inside code to modify?
    Thanks and regards

  64. I would like to know if the tool is broken. I check a lot of keywords last month, and most of them had good rankings. And now the tool says that the entire list of keywords is not ranked. How is that possible? Would appreciate your help.

    Thank you, Ana.

  65. Hi,

    I am using this tool for a year now but for last two months I am facing issue, It is showing “not ranked” for some keywords which are ranked on 2nd or 3rd page. Although I track 60+ keywords at a time and it takes only 15 minutes to update ranks for all.

    It is highly recommended and a huge request from the community to offer a premium version of this tool that can track keywords for multiple projects and an option to maintain record and export reports.

  66. I just added 2 keywords one of which rank on Google at #22 and second was the domain it self. But both of them show not ranked. How is it possible when my site is ranking in google at #22 for keyword and #1 for domain it self. Why the ranking is not shown.

  67. Hi Guys, I released version 9 of the Free Google Keywords Rank Checker Tool. It now respects language and regional data in API requests. Thanks to @_ThisChris_ for pointing out my oversight.

    • Hi, is there a limit to 100 kws (mine stop at row 111)? I am dragging down the cells but its blank. Any help would be greatly appreciated and would be happy to paypal donate to help keep this tool kickin’.

  68. Been using Rank Tank for a while to check my keyword ranking. Last few times though that i have been in it has all my keywords as not ranked. Even though if I go to google and use those same keywords I can see I am #1.

  69. Jaco,

    Yeah, seems like it’s not working anymore. Is there an approximate delivery date on the fix?

    You guys are the best! :-*


  70. hey guys, this doesnt seem to be working anymore which is a shame, is there a problem with it? I’ve tried deleting the keyword and re-entering, also logging out and back in again but getting errors, or just stuck on ‘crawling’

    Thanks 🙂

  71. Might be a great tool, but unfortunately it does not work for me. For some Keywords it sais, it does not rank (but it does on position 1) but most of the keywords are crawling hours for hours and nothing happens. Maybe it doesnt work for Germany?

  72. Great tool, I had used it for the last month and It worked ok.

    But right now I’m getting the following error on almost every keyword: “Failed on CAPTCHA after 5 retries using proxies:,,,, (503)”

    I tried login out and login in, but it still does not work.

    • Hey Jaco! Thanks for the update. Could you please explain the “new way” that this sheet gets rankings, and how location data plays into it?

      I noticed a few comments above talk about how the location of the server (California) affected ranking results in the sheet, and I wanted to know if this was still the case. I just want to make sure I’m understanding the data I’m looking at since the data can vary a LOT based on location, user history, etc.

      I took a look at the code to see if I could figure it out myself, but I am no coder 🙂

      • Hi Hillary, the server would not play a role as the data is obtained by crawling country specific Google locales directly as Google itself. The results should be 100% correct based on location.

  73. I have tried using your spreadsheet multiple times to no avail. What is wrong? Your website says you updated it in May 2016. But – It’s still not working.

  74. I was using older version of ‘keyword position checker tool’ which was superb. But this new version is not working at all. Just showing ‘not ranking’ for any keyword. Even for website name used as keyword.

    Can anyone help me in it? any instruction?

    Thanks for previous version. Looking for help on new version..

    Thanks a lot Rank tank team for their awesome products..

  75. HI again – as a followup to my last question, it seems to be generating an error in all the saved copies:

    Unable to parse query string for Function QUERY parameter 2: NO_COLUMN: Col3


    I would love to be able to use this tool as it sounds amazing. Really hope you can help.

    Thank you!

  76. Hi there, I have made a copy of the spreadsheet in google docs – then logged out and back in – then deleted and repasted the keywords…

    I’m still getting no data. It says “not ranking” ….however, that’s not true. I’ve tried it with multiple domains and a variety of keywords with the same results – and I know their current rankings, so “not ranking” is not accurate.

    Please help.

    Thank you!

  77. I can’t get this to work at all. I update the domain and enter keywords and all it ever returns is Not Ranked. I tried keywords I know I rank for and some blatantly obvious domains and keywords that would rank as well and those appeared the same with Not Ranked. For example, doesn’t rank for ‘sports’ according to the tool. Do I need to configure something?

  78. Copied the sheet, inputted my site URL and keywords (no SEMRush API) and the results for all of them are “not ranked” which is not accurate…How do I get the tool to refresh/update the ranks? Or otherwise display what is correct?

  79. I’ve tried this for 2 of my domains with keywords I know I rank top 3 for but it says not ranked. Set for UK. Any ideas?!

  80. Hi Sean,
    Please clarify if the Semrush API Key is a once-off purchase for $15 or is it $15 per month.
    Many Thanks

  81. Need to retry on all keywords. Even if I download the sheet again the already inserted info is saying need to retry. Deleted multiple times.

  82. Got also on every keyword “need to retry”. When it works it would be a awesome tool, everyone has a versions that works?

  83. I am getting “Need to Rety” for every keyword. Have tried deleting and pasting back in, logging in and out of Google, changing domains, copying the sheet again. Please let me know if there is anything else I should try.

  84. hi can you please make a sheet for find bulk urls (backlinks) in google indexed or not … just paste links and it will show the result the url indexed or not in google … thanks in advance .. sorry for bad english .. waiting for response …

  85. I am also getting “Need to Retry” even with one keyword search. Is there any news on this issue? This tool could be amazing! 🙂

  86. Hey guys – been playing with these tools for a while… is there any new restrictions been placed on the importxml from the google results? I am having terrible trouble getting anything to return…. maybe they are blocking me :/


  87. Not sure it is totally working properly for me. When I click to open it asks if I want to make a copy in google docs – i click copy and I get into the program. All the keywords say is needs to retry – if I copy, delete and paste it back in it says its crawling with however many keywords remaining – but seems to hang up there for ever and I never get a ranking

  88. Hi Sean,

    Tried to post, but don’t see it so I will repost

    I am seeing the “need to retry” on almost every keyword, have deleted, signed out and tried again. Any thoughts?

    Thanks for the help and thanks for the tool!

  89. Hi Sean, Love the concept and thanks for the tool. However I cannot get it to work getting the “need to retry” every time. I signed off and on again, deleted and re-pasted, etc… Nothing. Any thoughts on how I can get it to work or is there a newer version?

  90. Hi there,
    no matter which Keyword I type in, I get allways “Need ty retry” back.
    Any Idea why this happens?
    Thanks and regards

  91. Are you working out a bug for Keyword Ranker? Other tools work fine but in the Live Rank column on this one it’s always saying “need to retry”. Not just for my keywords but for the Zappos example.

  92. Bulk Keyword Rank Checker.
    Dear Developer,
    Was using your Keyword Rank Checker tool for few month and despite few dependencies was very happy.
    But suddenly about month ago it stopped working completely.
    Despite amount of keywords or internet connection all i get is “Need to Retry” for every single keyword.
    Is there any ideas suggestion?

    Kindest Regards
    Ivan Hulka

  93. hi
    actult somehow i delete some rows but now i start from new 1 again and its saying me need to retry for crawl
    please help
    you made awesome thing


  94. As digital marketers, we all know that the right tools can make a big difference. They can increase our efficiency, help us collaborate, and organize everything that’s going on. With the help of these tools, we can do our jobs better.Thanks for developing such an awesome tool.

  95. Hey Sean,

    I try your spreadsheet, but got everytime “need to retry”. Test different domains and google localizations 🙁
    Does Google block your tool?


  96. Hi Sean, I just started using this amazing tool. I set up the semrush api at field 9 but when I add 1, 10, or 25 kwrds for my domain and for Costa Rica it says Need to retry.

    Is there any way to fix this… it did not work even if I add

    Please advice on this.

  97. Hey,

    Really awesome tool. I used it at office to check ~3k keywords and the five random ones I checked for accuracy gave like a 2-3 position discrepancy, which is more than tolerable.
    However, I have a weird problem. I can’t get the tool to work on my home computer. Every and any keyword I add to the que times out and says to retry, but no matter how much I retry it never actually crawls it.
    I tried the most common troubleshooting steps:
    Log out / in from google
    Get a new copy of the spreadsheet
    Change the website
    Try different samples – small and large, even a single keyword
    Retried like 10 times to make sure it wont budge

    I’m grateful for any help. I really want to keep using this tool for my personal projects as well. Thank and cheers !

  98. Hello,
    i’m tracking some keywords from and but the only response for different sites and many keywords is the same: Need to Retry

  99. Hello,

    I trust that this it best tools, because it is very simple. But it not support for my country ( Now, when i copy your sheet, it is not work. Please check or update.

  100. I am also getting “Need to Retry” on all keywords, I have tried many different Google domains as well. None is working since yesterday.

  101. I’m also getting the “Need to Retry” every time now. Wasn’t before. Nothing’s changed. Try multiple times to paste in keyword. Re-downloaded your beta 4 also. Is this broken?

  102. Hi Sean,

    Thanks for sharring your KW Rank tool.

    First i past around 200 KW into the tool and it’s almost work. Then i try with 100 other KW and know a have same issue like Michael. It says “need to retry.”

    The Search is in

    – Can you help / fix it ?

  103. Hello there,

    Supertool I’ve been looking for years after something.
    But with me I get no results. For each keyword is:
    “Need to retry”
    Please help.

    Thank you

  104. Hi Sean, awsome tool, thanks for sharing it, I was wondering how to remove the 713 row limit, I’ve tried adding rows but the rows are just blacked out and when i paste the keywords in it won’t check them, also tried changing the ranges but that just screwed it up. hope you can help, Regards

  105. Hey Sean. Really great tool. Unfortunetly, everything worked fine the first 3 days and since, it just keeps saying “need to retry” for every keywords when I open the sheet. Is there anything i can do to change that? My ip is good in the FAQ, i haven’t changed any script. I tried to copy the file, same thing. Tried to delete a lot of keywords from my sheet, no change at all. Maybe is it because i left the sheet opened all day long yesterday? Is there a maximum number of tries? Am i banned in anyway?
    Anyway, thanx for your work and your help.

  106. Not sure if the tool requires an SEMRush api key, but every keyword I have tried says “need to retry.” I have logged in and out of Google, and have tried to delete and reenter the keywords multiple multiple times. Thoughts?

      • Hello Sean, and thank you very much for this awesome tool.
        I’ve used it happily for some weeks but now, suddenly, it won’t work.
        Every keyword displays the “need to retry” message, no matter how many times i cut and paste them, or log out and in into my account.

        In addiction, the “need to retry” box promptly appears in like 1 or 2 seconds for all the keywords at the same time, unlike in the past if a keyword failed it took several seconds to give the error message.
        So I worried that google changed something in the way these requests are managed to avoid people using such kind of tools.
        I’m using

        Have you any idea?

  107. Ey Sean,

    Just bought the Semrush API, but I get a lot of “no data” or “#N/A” in cell’s and just 2 correct rows with data (out of 16 keyword rows). Any idea what the problem could be? I have enough credits for the API: 299000.

    Thanks for the great tools on your site!

  108. Hi there,

    thanks for developing this tool.
    However the localization does not seem to work. For or i get results, for,, get “Need to retry”.

    Any Ideas?

    I would love to use this tool.


  109. Hi Sean,

    As always your tool rocks ^^

    I think it can be usefull for others too (to invert the sparkline)

    So if you want to see if your ranking growth change your formula like this SPARKLINE(J11:AG11,{“charttype”,”line”;”rtl”,true})

    It will invert the sparkline accordingly ^^


  110. Hi I just tried the tool and it’s awesome.

    Some of the keyword positions are not accurate, I think that is due to location set in the google settings. I hope soon you add the location (city/zip) with the tracker.

    also is there any limitation on number of keyowords and sites this can track?

    I have more than 50 sites with all over 3000 keywords to track daily. any solution?

    Thanks and great effort !

  111. Hey Sean,

    Awesome tool… I read through all the comments and saw quite a few mentions of people having issues with “Need to Retry”, but it is happening for the majority of my keywords. Tried posting in smaller batches, but still keep getting the message on a bunch of the keywords. Trying to keep track of around 300 keywords, and if I have to manually copy, delete, paste for each of the ones that don’t work, it will take hours.

    Any suggestions? Is there any way to make the doc continue to retry on it’s own until it gives you data? What about a button that retries all the cells that “Need to be Retried?

    Appreciate the help.

  112. Hum… I guess I have been banned by Google, because now I always get “Need to retry”, also for one single keyword… Maybe Google became smarter and now avod such scraping through itself… Can you check it, please?

    • Hey Francesco! The beauty of using Google Sheets is that it doesn’t use your IP address 🙂 It uses an internal Google IP address instead. Sometimes Sheets just goes slow when it needs to make a lot of pulls.

      • Yes, you are perfectly right, my apologizes…now it works again and very well! Thanks!

        PS: I also added conditional rules for background colors! Your tools are really powerful.

      • Sorry Sean, I have again the same issues about “Need to retry”… No data are scraped. I erased and pasted ten times the keywords (also only 1 at time), it does not work for me… It works sporadically only.

      • Well, finally I found the culprit!

        I had some duplicate keywords in my list… that way it does not work and you will get the “Need to Retry” error.

        Now it finally works as it should and it is awesome!

        All the best

  113. Your tools are really awesome!

    About this Keyword position checker, is there a way to add some formulas able to highlight results with colors based on rank positions, please?

    So, for example, green background color for results from 1 to 10 positions, yellow for results from 11 to 20, orange for results from 21 to 40 and so on, please?

    Just to have a more clear overall point of view.


  114. Hey Sean,

    I tried to use your tool, but when I insert keywords (like shown in tutorial), nothing happens. Status says crawling complete, but it didn’t even start crawling 🙂

    Domain and localisation are set right. What to do? Thanks for help.

  115. Is there any way to use this tool as if the queries are being run from the location in my Google settings? For instance, I generally swap out location settings to test keyword performance across different areas in Northeast Ohio.

  116. Awesome tool! One question though, does the scraping take into consideration Places and PPC? Because I’m seeing some differences in results I’m getting. For instance, I search for “example keyword” for The tool says that I’m on position 20 in SERP, but when I do a manual search (non-personalised, clearing cache and cookies, etc.) my site pops on position, let’s say, 11. If it does count Places and PPC, what could be a possible workaround?

  117. Hey man, great tool. I’m having some problems when I enter a localized google (, retried like 20 times and nothing. Any info on that?

    Also I have a nice little add-on I can make if you want, a button to click retry that macro-copy-pastes the stuck keywords 🙂 Lemme know if you want, I will make it in my separate sheet and send you a link to copy it

  118. Hi,
    For some time now, IP Used shows: #N/A nd I can’t get any resaults what so ever.
    Is there a workaround or can I use other IP instead?

  119. you are a genius. This works great, if a little finicky. The ip thing at the top right doesn’t seem to work, but it’s still checking the keywords, and when testing it with keywords I know rank well it showed them as I was expecting them. I’ve used many keyword position tools before, and this is the first one that’s actually worked.
    Thank you very much for the awesome spreadsheet, if there were more like you the world would be a better place.

  120. So this tool is awesome. But the last two days it keeps reloading and telling me that Safari went down. Any advise?

  121. Hi Sean,

    Such an awesome tool, I use it often and have incorporated the data into a lot of other research methods. Today it seems to be stuck. I’ve got about ~500 keywords I’m playing with and I’ve been copying and deleting, then pasting in my keywords, but it’s stopped working, and I still have about 200 keywords I want to run data on. Everything just saying, “crawling”. It’s from a copy I made from Rank Tank today, so it should be the most up to date version. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

  122. Hey Sean
    Nice tool. I am very interested in it. It worked great the first day, but since has given me all sorts of problems… many of which are documented above (i.e. “Need to retry”, “Not Ranked”, etc.). One problem I did not see above is that the “IP Used: field is “#NA, sayin:
    “Could not fetch url:

    I’ve tried all the tricks you recommend above, but still can’t get it to work… (i.e. copying, pasting, loggin out and in, etc.)…
    any ideas?
    Thanks, Matt

  123. Hello! Love this tool thank you so much for sharing it. I noticed the hidden IP is missing now and I am getting all ‘need to retry” responses. Is this something that can be fixed? Thanks again for sharing, it is awesome.

  124. Hey, thanks for this tool! Have been using it for a while now and it’s great.

    But recently it has stopped working? It doesn’t seem to get the Google Internal IP, and wont track anything. I tried making new copies of the file but no luck.

    Is it down for the time being?

    Thanks, Alex.

  125. Doesn’t seems to be working any more… Google IP is showing as #N/A and all the results Need to Retry and doesn’t work even when delete and try again.

  126. Great Tool! Thank You! If I wanted to search as example the results for keywords in the local town of myrtle beach how would i set the Google Localization for doing search as if i were in myrtle beach sc?

  127. Hey Sean,

    Your tool is absolutely fantastic! Can’t wait to try the updated one.

    You rock. Keep it up. Thanks for sharing this wonderful tool. It’s a great help.


  128. Hello and thank you again for this marvel of ranking tool, still using it (beta3) – have issues with 4.

    I have an suggestion on how to overcome the “crawling…” stuck at bottleneck, before Google starts monitoring it and decides to put an end to our fun .. (is this possible at all ? doubts..)

    1. To insert another column next to “live rank” column, and add a button in every cell related to keyword – assign this button to a script performing “select+copy+delete+paste+enter” – as this we have to do when it hangs… in batches or individual keyword. Then it is stil semi-manual.

    2. Same as above, BUT with no action but TIMER/TRIGGER with eg. 60 seconds until executing this script.

    Looking forward for any more ideas – community please step up and help and support the author giving this for free !

  129. First of all. THANK YOU! What an awesome tool. Really appreciate a tool like this that is available for free!

    A thought I had. Most of the clients I work for only do local businesses. Is there a way to tap into Google’s location info? Even in you had to type in the city or zip yourself? I realize this may defeat the purpose of running the searches off of Google’s servers if you have to use your IP, but wasn’t sure about added in a location manually.

    Thanks again!

    • Gosh, YES PLEASE!!! I just posted a message about this. Would love to see this because I generally track 3 geographic locations for a particular client.

      • Hey! Thanks for using the tool! I haven’t been able to get localizations in Google sheets yet. Have you tried SEMrush’s position tracker? It works down to the city level 🙂

  130. Hi Sean,

    Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to develop such a valuable tool!
    I’ve been using it for a couple of months, but recently ran into trouble: the tool either won’t crawl at all or it will deliver a “need to try again” message.
    Ocasionally, a couple of keywords will register.

    Is there a workaround?

    Thanks in advance!

  131. Keep getting Need To Retry even in small batches of 10 kw.
    Hopefully you can fix this problem because your tool is awesome !

  132. Hi, The tool is priceless and idea is trully out the box! May force be with you to keep it going and improving, adding new features.

    Seems that *V4 update does not work properly *also at my end. Beta 3 does.
    Noted 2 clicks trick when it stucks at “crawling” – select keywords, delete and UNDO, works as well.

    Thanks for this .

  133. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. It’s nice to know there are friendly people out there! I do have a question though. Is there a way for me to check rankings from a specific location? For example, I’d like to check ranking for the keyword “puppies for sale” that are done from Sacramento, Ca. Is this possible?

    • Nope, I don’t see a 3 digit position for a few keywords . I guess this tool checks for the domain on the first 10 pages of Google result.

  134. Nice tool. It seems to work really fabulous. However, I can’t seem to verify any of the results at all. As an example, keyword = luxury interior design miami using domain = Result is #48. I know this can vary but I don’t see the result on any of the pages returned after going through all of them.

    I was using IE in private mode as well as normal chrome mode.

    Any ideas??

    Thank you!

  135. Seems like the tools isn’t working anymore. Tested with the older versions I have as well, none of them work. So now I can’t compare the ranking position from earlier. Help! Hope you can find some time to look into this. It is just stuck at “crawling”. It doen’t crawl a single keyword, it is just stuck.

  136. hi,

    First thanks for such a wonderful tool.. none can imagine that this kind of tool could be made.

    o by the way, i have tried your tool (Beta 3 version) many times but

    but it’s not working. i have made a copy then put my domain
    then put the search engine
    then put my keywords
    some time copy them from other sheet
    some time put them manually
    but not showing any result after waiting for 1 – 2 minutes
    just crawling
    in MSV section it shows “No Local Data” for first keyword
    in MSV section it shows “No API Key” for other keywords

    plz help me

    thanks for ur support

  137. Genius tool! It’s working very well and I’ve been able to implement MOZ API to automatically scrape the Domain Authority of every URL that’s ranked 1st.

    One question I have is….is there anyway to automatically skip a result if its an….. or…. result?


  138. Hello there.

    I have a problem with the tracker. When I put in the keywords they all just turn to 0 MSV. How come this happens? Ive tried to log out and back in, delete and paste in the keywords again . Same thing happens?

  139. It seems the tool is broken. It’s crawling forever for all my keywords and for several different domains. I’ve also tried your tool again (Open The Tool Here) but same result. Hopefully you can soon fix it again because it’s d*mn usefull !!

  140. Hi Team,

    Thanks for the awesome tool.

    However, I’m unable to make a copy of this document and run on my PC. Can you please help me here?

  141. This is genius. And it actually works. Log in & out of your Google account; paste 200 keywords at a time; get results in 30 seconds; rinse & repeat.

    This tool is a hell of a lot better even than $200+/month cloud reporting tools.

  142. wow! how you mass querying google without a proxy? cant google block you? or do they see the query coming from a google doc and so let you off. from my experience if i add say 1000 keywords … G will block me.. and give me a captcha to solve. are they dtecting my IP?

  143. First off I would like to say this is awesome! I have been looking for a method to check my rankings as much as I would like without getting banned by Google. I do have one question for you though. Is there anyway to have the rankings only pull for my domain? I have a few keywords that are showing up with the ranking and ranking URL for walmart or amazon. Granted they are my products but I would like to just have only my domain itself. Other than that this tool is epic. Thanks Again for releasing this fro FREE!

  144. Great tool, Sean!

    Just wondering, how do I manage multiple websites in one sheet? Or I have to create individual file for each website.


  145. Love the rank tracker. Pure awesone.

    Hey I butchered together a couple of scripts in google sheets, you could do a better job. Its a competitive analysis tool using moz api, plus a pulls in google top ten for keywords you suggest then via a couple of formulas lets you know if you are worth going for.

  146. Hi, I added a few keywords, but none of them were crawled successfully. I tried to copy and delete some keywords, but it didn’t help. Do you have any idea why it doesn’t works?
    Thanks a lot for an answer!

    • Try to log out of Google and back in, and then copy, delete and paste the keywords back in. That usually refreshes the IP address that the doc is using.

      • Really faster than copy/delete/paste : just delete the cell and restore wiht , may be used on multiple cells !

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