Monthly Keyword Tracking

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By David Krevitt from CIFL

When you’re working with clients on SEO, it helps to have a validated, third-party data source to rely on when tracking progress. For many of us, that data source is SEMrush.

This template connects to the SEMrush Free API Trial, to snapshot keyword performance data each month, and retain a running log of progress for an SEO project.

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No longer available to new RankTank Pro members from 31 December 2018

Current Version: 1

Not sure where to start your keyword research?

How it works?

It produces a running monthly report, tracking keywords gained and lost, rising and falling.

Most importantly, it also calculates the traffic-weighted ranks and CPCs of those transitions – so you can understand whether those raw keyword wins and losses have any impact on the site.

The template also has an interactive data browser, where you can:

Search for progress over time of specific pages and keywords
Pull all keywords gained / lost / rising / falling in a given time period

Use this as a swiss army knife for producing keyword tracking reports for your clients (or boss).

And if you’re a fan of Google Data Studio, this template is configured to send data into your dashboard reports..

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