Negative SEO Alerts

By SEO Defend

SEO Defend will periodically scan and monitor your website with respect to domain, content, link, algorithm and social media related risk factors to negative SEO, consider SEO Defend insurance for your SEO.

Avoid Google penalties and keep your website safe from search engine algorithm updates.


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How it works?

SEO Defend presents a negative SEO risk analysis score of the current state of your website. SEO Defend will continuously monitor your website against negative SEO attack and alert you via email or telephonically should any issue arise. You can login to your account to view the current status of your SEO as well as any triggered alerts.

The negative SEO risk analysis score is divided into five (5) key risk factor areas:

Domain factors: Registrar security, WHOIS protection, DNS risk, DDOS protection, IP block / distribution factors, domain name related factors
Content factors: Duplicate content detection, content theft, content quality, general content related factors
Link factors: Backlink quality, backlink amount, backlink velocity, anchor text risk factors, backlink detox alerts
Algorithmic factors: Google algorithm changes, Google penalty protection, penalty risk alerts, upcoming algorithmic changes
Social factors (coming soon…): Social media spam, social account standing, social impersonation, social privacy concerns

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