Search Efficiency By Page

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By David Krevitt from CIFL

This template will help answer one key question about your site:

What page / keyword combinations are failing at converting search impressions into conversions?

It pulls in data from the Google Analytics and Search Console APIs, and finds opportunities to improve your site’s search efficiency.

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No longer available to new RankTank Pro members from 31 December 2018

Current Version: 1

Note: The free version of this template requires Supermetrics, a paid Sheets Add-on. The Pro version pulls data via Google Apps Script and requires no additional tools.

Not sure where to start your keyword research?

How it works?

There are two key levers for raising this efficiency:

Your search snippet copy
Your content’s match with the keywords driving traffic to it

The template plucks out specific page / query combos where you can improve in both areas.

For #1, it finds pages with a low CTR but high engagement once visitors land – suggesting you may want to rewrite your meta titles and descriptions.

For #2, it finds pages with a high CTR but low engagement on-site – suggesting you may want to reorganize the page’s content around the search queries that are driving the most traffic to it.

Thanks to Daniel Weisberg of Online Behavior for inspiring this template.

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