Bulk Domain Status Code Tool

This tool allows you to paste in up to 6000 URIs and get the HTTP status codes for all of them in bulk.

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2 thoughts on “Bulk Domain Status Code Tool

  1. Hi,
    This is a great tool, but may I ask for a little more, please? I am having a difficult time using IMPORTXML to pull in the URL’s from our sitemap (http://www.worthavegroup.com/page-sitemap.xml). From what I have read so far, I should be able to get the URL’s with a function such as this:
    =IMPORTXML(“http://www.worthavegroup.com/page-sitemap.xml”, “//url/loc”) but that does not return any values. If use a wildcard like
    =IMPORTXML(“http://www.worthavegroup.com/page-sitemap.xml”, “/*”), the entire site map’s contents are returned. Manually, I could separate the attributes, but that would be a PITA. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong in my XPATH expression? Thank you. JanM

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