Meta & Rich Snippet Testing Tool

Easily see how rich snippets and meta data are indexed in Google for any site. This tool checks for rich snippets, and compares Google’s indexed title and meta descriptions against the meta data in the site’s code. The Detailed URL Report tab takes rich snippets testing one step further by showing what snippets are indexed and showing live for which pages, and what titles and descriptions Google is showing for each indexed page.

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The SEO Rich Snippets Tester That’s Open & Free

Every feature in this structured data testing tool – from crawling Google snippets to the meta tag tester – is 100% built out of ordinary Google Sheets formulas! Want to know how something works? Click in the cell and look at the formula! Want to change something? Go right ahead! It’s totally open!

Help Make This the Best Google Snippets Tool Possible

Did you make a change that totally changed the game? Find something I missed? Let me know, and together we can make this thing awesome for everyone!

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40 thoughts on “Free Rich Snippet Testing Tool

  1. Thanks for this awesome sheet.

    I just make a copy of this file and enter my domain name and its showing error “column 2 must be numeric”

    Can you please check and let me know the issue.


  2. Many times it just doesn’t refresh, not giving any data….
    Secondly, often no declared meta/title, although we have declared meta data. Why is it not showing?

  3. Hi Sean,

    Great tool.

    I’m getting an error ONLY for one particular domain

    I can manually visit the URL in the error message and successfully test other sites. The domain is the only value inside the domain cell

      • Hey Sean. The default version (straight from a copy) recently loaded on my first attempt. When working with another site, nothing has loaded (“No urls have been processed…”)

        Thinking I screwed the domain entry again, I just made another copy of the doc, but this time the default example wouldn’t even load and produced the same issue. I don’t know spreadsheet scraping enough to know if IPs or user-agents have an effect, but I tried altering these through a VPN and switching the user-agent to no affect. Any ideas how to get this working or what could be the cause?

      • Tested the default document a few days later and no difference. Could it be that Google has some block on this scraping?

    • Sure! Column H shows if the live meta description matches the page’s declared meta description, column I does the same for titles, column J shows if the title is cut short on the SERP, and column K does the same for meta description.

  4. I’m not able to make a copy of this document in Google Docs. I was able to do it with the RankTank Simple Site edit tool but not this one. Not sure if the settings are set right on your end or if I’m doing something wrong.

  5. Hello Sean:

    Great looking tool. It won’t allow me to make a copy. Is that done on purpose or am I missing something?

    Thanks for your help!

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