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A Free Google Keyword Finder and Ranking Difficulty Tool Built in a Google Sheet!

RankTank Keyword Opportunity Finder was initially built as an internal SEO keyword finder at CircleRank, Sean’s agency. The goal was to get a whole load of keyword suggestions, and at a glance be able to which ones would be easier to rank for based on competition. Luckily, mashing up SEMrush Free API Trial with Google’s Autosuggest provided just such data!

We then took it a step further by crawling the top 10 results for any given keyword to see if the pages were optimized for said keyword. The less optimized the pages were, the easier it would be to rank! CircleRank uses this tool in house to find “sure things” that are relevant and on topic – in a super scaleable way!

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How to Use This Thing

It’s easy! Just enter your keyword in the “Starting Keyword” box and press enter! Let’s use screenshots to show off some of the deeper functionality:

1. Do I need access to SEMrush to use this?

No, but it sure helps! You can still get keyword suggestions in the first tab, and use the full features of the Advanced SERP Ranking Difficulty Analysis tab without ever having to enter an API key. However, using a SEMrush Free API Trial Key in the Config tab GREATLY expands the first sheet! Using the key, you’ll be able to select your search volume, result number and keyword ranking difficulty parameters – and have the matching keywords automatically highlighted!


2. How do I choose parameters and select keywords?
It’s easy! If you have your SEMrush API key entered in the Config tab, you can use the “Define Ideal Keywords” box (highlighted in red) to set up your parameters. Keywords falling within the parameters you set will be automatically selected and highlighted!

You can also use the “Choose Keyword” column (column C) to manually select keywords by changing the drop-down to “TRUE”, shown with an arrow in the screenshot. If you’re not using a SEMrush API key, this is how you will build your list!

3. Advanced SERP Ranking Difficulty Analysis


We’re really proud of this feature. The keyword drop-down is auto-populated from the keywords you’ve selected on the first sheet. Then, the Google Doc crawls the top 10 Google results for the term, and looks for 11 on-page metrics to determine if that page has been specifically optimized for that keyword.

The best part? It uses NO APIs whatsoever! It’s all done through formulas!

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28 thoughts on “Keyword Opportunity Finder

  1. That’s really a great tool…..
    It’s the easiest I’ve ever used ….. it saved me time and money for what I used to do on my own.

    Thanks RankTank

  2. It’s a great tool, however, the problem is different tools show the different level of difficulty for a keyword , not sure which is accurate.

  3. Unfortunataly not working. The first tab suggest me some keywords but the ranking difficulty stay N/A. I am doing something wrong?

  4. Hi,

    I seems that semrush closed its API for $15 USD and now it’s only available for business accounts. Now what we would do?

    (the sad part is that I’ve found this amazing tool today and noticed the api thing when I was about to buy one 🙁

  5. The sheet stopped working after the first try. It just hangs on semrush loading… and doesnt populate the cells below. Any idea how to fix ? I’ve tried logging in and out of the account.

  6. Hi Love the tool! But the SERP analysis tab only works on very few occasions for me (when it does its great!!) and I can’t figure out what i’m doing wrong/different.

    Can you give me any tips – advice on using it.

    Thanks in advance

  7. Hi,

    =query(‘Google Organic Results Helper’!F:F,”SELECT F LIMIT 10″)

    Is throwing empty results in difficulty sheet. Any advice?

    Do I need to download a sheet called ‘Google Organic Results Helper’ from somewhere else?


  8. Is there a chance you might add hr in the dropdown list? I would add it myself but the “Data” Worksheet seems to be hidden somehow.

  9. Hi, is it possible to add Ukraine in drop-down list? Or you could you give me a hint how to make it by myself?

    I would be really grateful for that! Thank you in advance.

  10. I want to clarify what I mean. I need to check the difficulty of the keywords I bulk import. because i see you have a bulk import excel doc but u cant check keyword difficulty. thankyou

  11. Hi Sean,

    I am in Russia and SEM Rush also works for Russian. But in the drop down there is no option to select Ru as the country. Is these easy to add to the tool?

  12. That’s really a great tool…..
    It’s the easiest I’ve ever used ….. it saved me time and money for what I used to do on my own.

    Thanks RankTank

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