JSON-LD Schema Creator: Structured Data Tool & Sitelinks Search Box Builder

Contributed by Jeff Louella, Sr. Technical SEO Manager at Search Discovery

This dual-purpose tool allows you to create organization schema microdata, and sitelink microdata.

The Organization Schema tab allows you to generate the correct Schema.org JSON-LD code for an organization and Google Sitelinks Search Box. This code can be placed anywhere within the homepage’s HTML and the organization Schema will help Google with their Knowledge Graph data including social buttons. The Sitelink Search Box code can be used to enable your sites internal search features within Google.

The Sitelink Search Box tab allows you to generate the correct Schema.org code for Google’s Sitelink Search Box. Just enter in the main domains URL on line 4 and the URL for search pages up to the search term parameter’s value.

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Step 1:
Step 2:
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Be sure to validate the code generated using Google’s testing tool.

Tutorial Video: (Coming soon!)


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