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RankTank SERPitude is a completely free desktop app with a ton of functionality, allowing you to examine SERP appearance and results in detail. Check your rich snippet indexation and content, see which results have image thumbnails, check for title and description issues, and see what things look like LIVE in Google results! Best of all, you can export all of this data and open it up in your favorite spreadsheet application.

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Current version: BETA v1.0.1

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NOTE: On the Windows version, the SERPitude Libs folder must remain with the application. Don’t move the app without moving that folder too!


  • Get SERPs by domain, keyword, advanced search query, or any combination of those!
  • For each search result, SERPitude pulls out Result Number, Type, Title, URL, Rich Snippet Content, Date, Indexed Description, Star Count, Number of Ratings, Image Thumbnail Existance, Truncated Title, and Truncated Description. Heck yes!
  • Handles huge sites with 100’s of indexed pages… just keep clicking the “Add next 100 results” button!
  • SERP Overview panel has graphs to show rich snippet indexation level, truncated title level, and truncated description level.
  • SERP preview panel shows the SERP item exactly as it appears on Google!
  • You can search within the results from right within SERPitude
  • Oh yeah, you can EXPORT EVERYTHING into a tab delimited spreadsheet, which opens right up in Excel or Open Office!

Why am I giving this away for free? Meh, I made it for stuff I was working on, and I really love it. I hope you find it as useful as I do. It’s kind of like a super-duper desktop version of the rich snippet testing Google Doc that Bill Sebald originally helped me with 🙂

How to Use This Thing

It’s pretty simple. You can search by Domain and/or Query (including advanced Google queries). Let’s break it down real quick with screenshots.

1. Open the app, and enter your search queries

When you first open the app, you’ll see that I’ve set the domain to food.com and the query to inurl:recipe so you can see how it works.

Let’s go ahead an hit Run the query and see how this thing works. You’ll also note that you can change the Google country version as well.

2. Add the next 100 results until you’ve got ’em all

You’ll notice that when we hit Run the query, we load up to the first 100 results. Need more than that? Hit Add next 100 results to append the next 100 results to the list. You can keep doing this until you’ve got everything that Google’s gonna give!

You can tell you’re out of results when the text of the Add next 100 results button changes to All indexed results found.

3. Analyze the data!

You can now do a lot of cool stuff within the app to analyze the SERP data.

For example, you can sort the columns by clicking on the column headers. Try clicking on the Rich Snippet Contentto see all of the results with indexed rich snippets!

The bottom-left box has a number of things you can do. You can even search within the results by Title, URL or Domain! Simply click Search in Results.

4. Export the data!

If you’ve taken a look at the rest of the site, I’m an Excel and Google Doc nerd at heart. Use the Export Data button to export everything into a tab-delimited spreadsheet which can be opened in Excel or Open Office!

Look how nicely it plays with Excel 🙂

What about CAPTCHAs?

We’ve got CAPTCHAs covered.

If Google throws up a captcha, we pop the CAPTCHA up in a native HTML browser window enclosed in the app. That way it’s seamless, and Google knows you’re a real live person.


If you find this tool useful, why not buy us a beer? 😀

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47 thoughts on “SERPitude SERP & Rich Snippet Testing Tool

  1. On Windows 10 it isnt working. even with the food.com negative and no results. it ran.. then wont show anything.

  2. Using it on Windows 10 and for some reason it is not working for me anymore. No results show. In the SERP Overview tab, it shows negative percentage values. It looks like it wants to show results but I see nothing in the columns. I ran the program as is. Did not move the file anywhere.

  3. Thanks for creating and sharing this! Unfortunately the tool isn’t working on my mac, not even with your example query. Any ideas how to troubleshoot?

  4. Greetings, I just downloaded the tool for Mac OSX and installed it, but I do not know if it works. I made a few queries, but I did not get results!

    • I just installed it for Windows and it doesn’t work either (I get 0 rich snippets found, although when checking the SERP preview I see several results with ratings and prices)

  5. Hey Sean, just tried to download it but the Windows link takes me to a 404. Dropbox says the file isn’t there anymore.


  6. This is a fantastic tool. I’d expect you’ll be seeing a beer or two come your way.

    Does anyone know if there is a search parameter I could include to ignore site links? I’m doing some reputation management and would like to filter everything but top level search results.

    For reference, my xpath query when doing this with Google Sheets =importxml function looks like this:

    "//h3[not (ancestor::div[@class='sld'])][@class='r']/a/@href[contains(.,'url')]"


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  8. Hey man,
    seems like a great tool but it doens’t work for me either.
    1 out of 10 keywords crawled succesfully and nothing makes it work

  9. Guys, this is absolute boss. Made me realise that I need to switch from “out of 10” to star reviews for culturedvultures.com.

    Will buy you a beer once I’m not poor.

  10. Hi there Sean,
    that’s some cool tool you got there :).
    I shared it on a famous italian SEO community and we were very happy to beta test it a lot ;).
    Got a few hint of things that you can add to the program:

    1) the ability copy/paste single cells/columns/rows
    2) the ability to save column sorting/width into a profile

    that would be both very cool adds :).

    Thank you in advance and expect a few beers 😉

  11. This is a really valuable tool, Sean. Nice work. A couple questions I have after checking it out:

    1) To confirm, the SERP preview is coming live from Google, and is not something you’re reconstructing?
    2) When a user runs a query, does Google see it as coming from their IP address? I see you have the CAPTCHA check, but are there any safeguards in place in case Google decides to block your IP for running these mass searches?

    Thanks much,

    • Thanks Kyle! Happy to answer your questions.

      1) Yep, the SERP preview is coming live from Google.

      2) The searches do come from your IP, but it’s highly unlikely you’ll get blocked. I’m using an embedded WebKit web browser to get the search results, so to Google it’s the same as if you were running that search through Chrome or Safari. It’s also only one request to Google per 100 results.

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