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Free Mobile Site Testing Against Live Google SERPs!

RankTank Mobile SERP Tester is a completely free desktop app built from the framework of our original RankTank SERPitude rich snippet testing tool, allowing you to examine SERP appearance and results in detail.

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Is My Website Mobile Friendly?

Who better to ask than Google themselves? Check your rich snippet indexation and content LIVE in Google, see which results have image thumbnails, check for title and description issues, and see what things look like at any given moment. Best of all, you can export all of this data and open it up in your favorite spreadsheet application.

Oh, and it’s 100% free forever!

Read the instruction manual!

  • Get Mobile SERPs by domain, keyword, advanced search query, or any combination of those!
  • For each search result, RankTank Mobile SERP Tester pulls out Result Number, Type, Mobile Friendly, Title, URL, Rich Snippet Content, Date, Indexed Description, Star Count, Number of Ratings, Image Thumbnail Existence, Truncated Title, and Truncated Description. Heck yes!
  • Handles huge sites with 100’s of indexed pages… just keep clicking the “Add next 100 results” button!
  • SERP Overview panel has graphs to show Rich Snippet Indexation and Mobile-friendly Indexation percentages.
  • SERP preview panel shows the SERP item exactly as it appears on Mobile Google!
  • You can search within the results from right within the app
  • Oh yeah, you can EXPORT EVERYTHING into a tab delimited spreadsheet, which opens right up in Excel or Open Office!

Why am I giving this away for free? Meh, I made it for stuff I was working on, and I really love it. I hope you find it as useful as I do!

How to Use This Thing

It’s pretty simple. You can search by Domain and/or Query (including advanced Google queries). Let’s break it down real quick with screenshots.

1. Open the app, and enter your search queries

When you first open the app, you’ll see that I’ve set the domain to and the query as blank so you can see how it works.

Let’s go ahead an hit Run the query and see how this thing works. You’ll also note that you can change the Google country version as well.

2. Add the next 100 results until you’ve got ’em all
You’ll notice that when we hit Run the query, we load up to the first 100 results. Need more than that? Hit Add next 100 results to append the next 100 results to the list. You can keep doing this until you’ve got everything that Google’s gonna give!

You can tell you’re out of results when the text of the Add next 100 results button changes to All indexed results found.

3. Analyze the data!

You can now do a lot of cool stuff within the app to analyze the mobile SERP data.

For example, you can sort the columns by clicking on the column headers. Try clicking on the Mobile Friendly column header to see all of the pages Google is or is not indexing as Mobile Friendly! Then, use the preview panel on the left to figure out why.

The bottom-left box has a number of things you can do. You can even search within the results by Title, URL or Domain! Simply click Search in Results.

4. Export the data!
If you’ve taken a look at the rest of the site, I’m an Excel and Google Doc nerd at heart. Use the Export Data button to export everything into a tab-delimited spreadsheet which can be opened in Excel or Open Office!

Look how nicely it plays with Excel 🙂

What about CAPTCHAs?

We’ve got CAPTCHAs covered.

If Google throws up a captcha, we pop the CAPTCHA up in a native HTML browser window enclosed in the app. That way it’s seamless, and Google knows you’re a real live person.


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74 thoughts on “Mobile Friendly SERP Testing Tool

  1. i am in the US and running on Windows . loads fine Have tried several sites other than just and on several google sites. Hit run the query and no errors. Just the query runs in about 1 second and it is empty. rich snippet indexation and mobile freiendly both show %

  2. Hi Sean,
    the software was working fine a year ago. Now it’s not doing anything.
    Win7 here.
    Any news regarding the fix? Would be much appreciated!


  3. Hi Sean. It’s a great tool, but sadly – as you already know – isn’t working. Is there an estimated release date for the fix?


  4. Hey Sean,
    I’m experiencing the same problem as the posts above me. I open the app and attempt to run the query with the pre-populated data and nothing happens. I’m on a Windows 7 Home Premium Edition. Any suggestions? Please advise. Thanks man!

  5. Tool isn’t working for me at the moment. It’s been incredibly helpful for my research. any thoughts on what the issue may be? I’ve tried it on both my imac and pc. It was previously working but not anymore. I enter a search query and hit submit but nothing comes back

  6. Hey, it is not workin on my Mac 🙁
    I have the same problem as Vincent (the Rich Snippet Indexation percentage in the SERP overview box jumped to -2147483648% (same for mobile friendly results percentage)): after clicking on Run the query nothing happens, changing the location doesn’t change anything..
    I’am awaiting your reply.
    Kind regards, Katja

  7. Hey Sean did anyone find a workaround for this to work, I’ve tried it on a mac, win7 and even XP, plus I tried on a portable drive as well just to see if it would work, but it just won’t do the search query, I’m gutted it dosent work, it would be massive time saver, any advice on how to make this work would be appreciated.

    Thanks Regards
    Michael J

  8. Hi Sean,

    Tried it today with and instantly the Rich Snippet Indexation percentage in the SERP overview box jumped to -2147483648% (same for mobile friendly results percentage).

  9. It doesn’t work on my XP machine. App loads up, but after typing domain name and hitting “run query” – no results. “run query” button stays gray for a while, then it backs to normal state. Tried various google domains.

  10. Hi Sean,
    first of all a big, big Thank You for this program.

    I installed the 0.7 on a Mac OS X (10.10.5) driven system.
    The following happens when hitting the “Run the query” button:
    That spinner runs for some seconds, stops and nothing happens to either the result section, nor the “SERP Overview” and the “Search in Results” sections.

    Domains tried:
    – Your default one ( on
    – on
    – on (heise is one of the most important IT specialist publishers in Germany, so there should be at laest a handful of results).

    I had no problem installing or starting the program.
    For me the only issue is that it’s not getting any result.
    Hope this information might be of help, although it’s very little.

    Thanks again & have a great day


  11. Hi Sean, any revisions on the RankTank Mobile-friendly SERP Testing Tool? I’m pretty sure it gets blocked by Google. It’s a great tool and would love to get it working. Thanks!

  12. Hey Sean, your tool was really helpful, but since about one week it hasn’t worked anymore. What happened and can you fix it? It would be very important for me because your tool is the only tool for controlling mobile rankings that is working well.

  13. Hi Sean, wondering if you made any headway on getting this to work. Great tool! It worked once on my machine then stopped. Are you sure connections not getting blocked by Google? I went to a hotel last weekend with the same computer and was able to pull a few runs without any problem. Someone mentioned to me that I should ask if you could set up a proxy to see if they would work. Not sure how that works but maybe you do…

  14. Hi there,

    Just wondering if there is any fix by chance for the above issues that have plagued other users? When entering 95% of search queries I am left with the forever rotating loading circle on the side, and no results tabulating. I am using this program at work for a major social company and the results are very intriguing, but I do wish it would prove a bit more effective with the results loading so I could share what I am learning with my team.

  15. Sean, I tried out this tool on my PC and it’s not working either. Upon extracting the files to my computer, I get a warning dialog box that states, “Confirm Encryption Loss. Do you want to copy this folder without encryption?” Curious if this is a contributing factor, as I proceeded without encryption. Also, all I did was try to run a root domain on with no query. Upon clicking “Run the query”, the software appears to start working (as indicated by the interactive circle directly adjacent to the query box, but it doesn’t do anything but hang in limbo. If you want my help in troubleshooting the software after you make necessary adjustments, just let me know. I followed you on Twitter today so you can just DM me there or e-mail me via the e-mail I signed up with here.

  16. Just a short feedback from my side:
    I tested
    .com: nothing happens when clicking on the query takes a long time (I canceled it after 5 minutes)
    .de: works properly
    I appreciated the results but it would be cool to see how my website works on .com and

  17. thanks, it looks like a useful tool so far. one thing though, the mobile-friendly tag seems to be spread out randomly, as the site i just checked isn’t mobile-friendly at all, but various single sites within the url-structure have been flagged as being mobile-friendly.

  18. I wondered if there was any chance this would be working again for PC? would be amazing and I would be very grateful it was please. Many thanks

  19. Yes, I experienced the same issue as others. The program launches fine, but when I attempt to run a query from, the program indicates that it is searching (icon), no results. Not even if I attempt to search the same queries demonstrated by others in the past. I am on a Windows 8.1 machine.

    Question: Is there a way to get access to a previous version? I wouldn’t mind reverting if that resolves the problem.

  20. Not working on my Windows 7 PC. I get nothing, no error messages or dialog boxes. Just the spinning thingie and nothing, even letting it sit for an hour or two. 🙁

      • Hi Sean,
        first query worked really good, but afterwards, nothing happens after clicking on “run the query” – even after closing and reopening the program

  21. May I offer a suggestion? It would be nice to have a CANCEL button, for queries that seem to take forever. 🙂

    Thanks for the great tool!

  22. Sean,
    I am out of the US and trying to search for US results.
    Put a KW phrase I wish to search websites for.
    Click the “Run the query” button.
    Nothing happens.

    Anything special I need to do?
    Does it take time and I need to wait?
    There is no indication of anything running…

    Thanks for your quick reply

  23. Hi! Sounds like a great program but I got the same problem that after it boots up…NOTHING works!
    Why might this be happening? Give me some options to check out please.

  24. I have downloaded both the mac and windows versions and neither are working for me. I enter a kw and click “run the query” and nothing happens.
    I am running windows 7 and I have logged out and back in on gmail. Please advise. Thanks.

  25. This is just what I’ve been looking for but can’t get it to work – no error, it just hangs with the icon swirling when you ask it to run a query. Any chance of getting it sorted Sean? would be appreciated.

  26. I just downloaded your mac OS version. All I can say is “WOW” ! I was looking for this kind of software. I decided to buy you some beer adn I am going to paypal right now.
    Can we talk about a translated version in french and some others ideas I get ?

  27. Not working here either Sean, no error but clicking “Run the Query” does nothing. I see a single frame flash of a green bar in the bottom right. Win 7.

      • It goes direct to not working, for me using windows 7 and this is the issue file:
        Problem signature:
        Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
        Application Name: MobileSERP.exe
        Application Version:
        Application Timestamp: 54b4134a
        Fault Module Name: libcef.dll
        Fault Module Version: 1.1025.607.0
        Fault Module Timestamp: 4f99a15e
        Exception Code: 80000003
        Exception Offset: 0002f280
        OS Version: 6.1.7601.
        Locale ID: 1033
        Additional Information 1: 0a9e
        Additional Information 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789
        Additional Information 3: 0a9e
        Additional Information 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789

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