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This free tool allows you to find link reclamation and unlinked mention opportunities with ease, on both Google organic search and Google News. Filter by time to find recent opportunities, and the determine which is worth pursuing using the integrated Domain Authority and Page Authority metrics!

A collaboration between Sean Malseed and BuiltVisible
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Step 1:
Step 2:
Get the free SEO tool!
Click below to open Google Sheets and “Make a Copy”!

It’s super easy to use:

Step 1:
Enter the domain you’re building links to in Cell E8
Step 2:
Enter your Google version in Cell E11
Step 3:
Enter a Google query in cell E10, and run!
google-queryThis tool works really well with advanced search queries. At the very least, you should put in your query to filter out your own domain from the Google results.
Step 4:
Record newly-discovered links with the “Record Links” button! Once they’re in the “Recorded Links” tab, you’ll be able to see when you first discovered them, as well as track if they still exist.
Search organic, or Google News results!
Use the selector to search news results by timeframe!
Will this hurt my IP address?
Nope! All queries from Google Sheets come from a Google data center – not your computer – so you get an automatic proxy from a Google internal IP address!
How do I get domain authority?
Enter your Mozscape API info in the settings tab!

In the Settings & API tab, you can configure the Mozscape API. Don’t have an API key? It’s totally free from Moz! The tool also supports the paid version for extra oomph.

Let me know what you think in the comments!

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