GooberSuggest SEO Keyword Research Tool

A Free Keyword Research & Expansion Tool Made in a Google Sheet!
GooberSuggest is a free keyword research tool built to find SEO opportunities from Google’s auto-complete keyword suggestions! Going a step further than other tools, you can add your SEMrush Free API Trial to activate powerful features, such as automatic opportunity highlighting!

Another RankTank tool crafted with care by Jeff Louella and Sean Malseed

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How to Use This Thing

It’s easy! Just enter your keyword in the “Base Keyword” box and press enter! Let’s use screenshots to show off some of the deeper functionality:

1. Do I need some paid API key to use this?

Nope! Sure, you can use a SEMrush Free API Trial to greatly expand the functionality, but it’s totally not required! If you don’t have an API key, the sheet will still query Google for autocomplete keyword suggestions, making this tool quite handy for fast keyword research and digging for opportunities.


2. How do I see search volume and opportunity highlighting?
We put some fancy stuff in the sheet to make use of the SEMrush API if you happen to have access to a key (hint: if you have an SEMrush account, you have an API key already).

With the API key entered in the Config tab, and “View Enhanced Data” changed to “Yes” on the main tab, the sheet will import Search Volume and Number of Results from SEMrush. Then, a formula will highlight keyword rows that have high search volume and low number of results – strong keyword opportunities, or “low hanging fruit”.

We’re super proud of this feature!

3. Can I export this data? For like, Excel and stuff?

Excel is lame, but we know it has its place. So, we’ve made exporting this data simple with the “Keyword List (for Copy/Pasting)” tab!

This tab lists out all results, including Search Volume, Number of Results and Opportunity (if you have your SEMrush API key in the “Config” tab). You can then paste this data into Excel, OpenOffice, or whatever!

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20 thoughts on “G̃ooberSug̃g̃est SEO Keyword Research Tool

  1. Awesome Sean ! Congrats for your work again!

    Can you confirm me that it doesn’t use our own IP to scrap results… So no risk to have a captcha asked by Google?

    Thanks again for all your stuff ! Really impressive ^^

  2. Am I able to get the semrush api for just the $15 with out having a paid monthly account? this seems like a good way to get around their high monthly charges.

    • First, yes – the starting level account is only $15 per month and includes API access and some web interface. Super low cost, especially considering the value.

      Second – SEMrush is worth every penny. Seriously. Like really seriously. The standard plan is $70 bucks and does 10x what other services charge $99+ for. If you learn the software, you’ll get way more value back on that $70/mo. I use SEMrush daily for every single client.

      • We can do that as well ^^

        just replace all the formula by this one
        Iferror(IMPORTXML(“”& ‘G̃ooberSug̃g̃est’!$C$7 &”fr&q=”& ‘G̃ooberSug̃g̃est’!$C$5, “//suggestion/@data”),””)

        Sean do you agree with that ? Or I miss something…

      • I made a mistake the right one : Iferror(IMPORTXML(“”& ‘G̃ooberSug̃g̃est’!$C$7 &”&q=”& ‘G̃ooberSug̃g̃est’!$C$5, “//suggestion/@data”),””)

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