Simple SEO Site Audit Tool

This simple free site audit tool is completely made out of a Google Sheets doc! It uses ONLY Google Sheets formulas to analyze an entire website in one go. You can enter a sitemap URL, or paste a list of URLs, and it will check each page for Schema usage, titles, meta descriptions, heading issues, and some duplication issues. It even gives you a numeric grade for the site! It also offers a full, detailed report of each URL in the sitemap, showing what microdata/schema is used on each page, number of H1/H2 tags, content of each H1/H2 tag, page title and length, and meta description.

This tool is a collaboration between RankTank’s @seanmalseed, and @billsebald of Green Lane SEO. Use this tool as-is, or modify the formulas and create your own beast!

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10 thoughts on “Simple SEO Site Audit Tool

  1. Just tried and working pretty well. Using a couple of different programs to audit SEO is a must to make a good report, I would recommend it to my colleagues. Good job RankTank!

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