Keyword Research Tool With Google Autocomplete API

by Jaco

Free keyword research SEO tool with Google Autocomplete API

Update: I updated my Keyword Research Tool with Google Autocomplete API with some new features I think it will make it more like a real SEO tool and make keyword research easier.

Mert created a free SEO tool in a Google sheet to aggregate Google Autocomplete data. Google Autocomplete is an awesome tool to use to find out what the people are searching for. While some of Google API’s are limited and hard to use, the Google Autocomplete API is free, unlimited and works without API key.

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What does this Google Autocomplete tool do?

With the help of Google Spreadsheets this Google Autocomplete tool makes it easier and faster to perform Keyword research for SEO and Content writing.

It provides you keywords via the Google Autocomplete API, very similar to Jaco’s free Infinite Suggest tool or Keywordshitter but searches for the keyword you entered and again for the suggested keywords of the result keywords.

How to use?

Quick Tutorial for better understanding but I believe after you start to use it you will get it out easily. Before you start you need to Click custom menu “KW Research” at the top right and click “Configure & Start”. (They will ask too many permissions but you can be sure I will have no access to any of your data, you can check out the codes. I just have a Google Analytics code on the popup when you click Configure.)

1. Write the keyword to start your research:

After the KW Ideas comes to screen you can click the + button to add them to your list!

2. Write new keywords to continue or click main topics

You can click the main topics to continue with this keyword. It will be copied to Keyword cell. Also you can continue with typing new keywords.

3. You can make it automatic to adding to lists

You don’t have to click + icon every time if you want to add all keywords to your list.

4. Filters:

Finally, you can use Negative and Positive filters to make your list better. For example on the case of Screenshot, I am doing a KW research for “iPhone 7” so I put it to “Positive” to avoid to see other stuff on my list, and also added some negatives that I am not interested for my content.

So if you want to restart your research click to (-). All saved Keywords will be deleted.

Note: If you have the main topics to choose from the list you can paste them “KW Topics” tab. KWs will be on the dropdown menu.

Thanks ^_^

NOTE: For some, Google says it is not secure to use this script. BUT you can check all of the codes that I have no access to any of your data because you are copying the ALL code to your Drive and there is no other possible way to I can see your data.

Know Issues

1. This tool needs to be updated to function correctly on all systems.

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elley 12 November 2023 - 11:47 am

Keyword Research:

How does the tool generate keyword ideas, and what factors does it consider in the research process?
Can you provide a step-by-step guide on how to write the initial keyword to start the research?

Andy Beaumont 15 November 2019 - 10:46 am

Hi there,

Is this still working? I entered a kw and it said it was tunning the script but the dummy phone kws are all that appear.

Jaco 20 June 2019 - 8:52 am

Added version 2.0 released by Mert.

Ash Nallawalla 10 October 2018 - 6:54 am

Thanks. I changed the locale to Australia in the Spreadsheet settings, but I only get USA keywords (US cities and brands). What else needs to be modified for non-US users?

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