Keyword Research Tool with Google Autocomplete API

By Mert Ural from

Mert created a free SEO tool in a Google sheet to aggregate Google Autocomplete data. Google Autocomplete is an awesome tool to use to find out what the people are searching for. While some of Google API’s are limited and hard to use, the Google Autocomplete API is free, unlimited and works without API key.

What does this Google Autocomplete tool do?

With the help of Google Spreadsheets this Google Autocomplete tool makes it easier and faster to perform Keyword research for SEO and Content writing.

It provides you keywords via the Google Autocomplete API, very similar to Jaco’s free Infinite Suggest tool or Keywordshitter but searches for the keyword you entered and again for the suggested keywords of the result keywords.

Not sure where to start your keyword research?
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Current Version: 1

How to Use?

Just change the Keyword and Language to get the results!

“KW Research” tab is the main page of the tool. Just change the keyword in the grey area and you will get the autocomplete words.

“ALL KWs” tab will give you the list of all keywords so you can just copy them to share or get search volumes on Google Keyword Planner.

“KW Topics” is the tab, if you are sharing this tool with your content writer. You can just paste your main keywords for the topics and content writer will be able to choose the keyword from the drop-down menu on “KW Research” tab:

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One thought on “Keyword Research Tool with Google Autocomplete API

  1. Thanks. I changed the locale to Australia in the Spreadsheet settings, but I only get USA keywords (US cities and brands). What else needs to be modified for non-US users?

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