Title Tag and Meta Description Auto Verify Tool

Using this tool, you can paste in a bunch of URLs and automatically pull the title tags and meta descriptions from each page. It will then compare those live items with recommendations you’ve entered, so you can quickly see if your recommendations were implemented.

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13 thoughts on “Title Tag and Meta Description Auto Verify Tool

  1. Excellent tool, have been using since long time. is there a way we can fix Missing or improper title tag 🙁 or refresh if any cache etc ??

  2. Hello

    What do you do if the request is loading? Even at a small sample of 40 URL:s, and only fetching titles, it’s stick at loading.

    Are there any known workarounds? I’d like to gather atleast titles and easily refresh it every week or so.

    Thank you for the tool – i know alot of people are experiencing this limit that sheets has.

  3. Great Tool! I added the ‘=LEN(cell)’ formula to make sure I stay within, or below the ‘Title’ and ‘Description’ max characters limit! Once again, great tool and thank you for sharing!

  4. Its not working for us.
    We made a copy and when we post new url in it, its showing under live url Missing or improper title tag 🙁
    Tried with many sites, same issue

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