Hey there, beta tester!

Thanks for helping me out! Below, you’ll find download links for RankTank Infinite Suggest Beta 0.6 for Windows and Mac, a Google Suggest tool that collects Autocomplete queries without depending on Google’s suddenly-discontinued Autocomplete API. This tool pulls real Google Autocomplete queries without using any API whatsoever. In addition, it keeps finding keywords until you hit stop – looking for variations of variations of variations for as long as you’ll let it!

Download links after the screenshot:


Hit me up on Twitter with your thoughts, or send me an email. Your testing and feedback is enormously appreciated!

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  • When you install or run the program, you might get a notice about installing software from an unidentified developer. That unidentified developer is me 🙂 Once the tool is finished and released, that warning will be removed.
  • This probably won’t trigger Google captchas. It gets all autocomplete suggestions from a single Google page, so you’re only loading Google when you first start a search, or change Google versions.


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27 thoughts on “RankTank Infinite Suggest BETA

  1. Hi sean!

    nice tool! one feature seems to be missing: “pre-suggests”, you put the curser in front of the keyword hit space then curser to the left an start circling through.
    to show you what i mean i made a little .gif i.imgur.com/yLvsXVO.gif .

    Would be a nice addition to your tool.

    all the best, arndt

  2. Hi,

    great tools : thank you so much
    Same suggestion from Arndt about “pre-suggest” to target “how to” queries.

    The second one, exporting the keywords list as a CSV : it would be great.

    Thank you a gain for your contibution.


  3. Hi Sean!

    Neat tool, thanks! Just one question though… I can’t seem to stick to Google.com, I’m in Canada and every time I correct Google.ca to Google.com, it switches back to Google.ca when I click on Get ’em! Or is it actually fetching those results on .com?


  4. Fantastic work Sean. Great to see someone taking the challenge of losing the API access and looking at the opportunity of it provided an opening. I look forward to seeing the functionality expand in the future, some interesting plans there.

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