Google Local Result Keyword Position Checker Tool

Local search engine position tracking has never been so easy!

Updated for February 2020!

The RankTank Pro Google local result keyword rank checker allows you to paste in a list of keywords, enter your domain, set your region, language and local area (city, airport, municipality etc.) and pull back all of the Google local keyword rankings. We use the “uule” parameter or “near” parameter in order to filter by locale.

Your results will update in real-time. This local result keyword position tool is based on the totally free Google keyword rank checker tool and removes many of its limitations!

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Includes support for the SEMrush Free API Trial
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Current Version: 28 (Beta)

Note: The free version of this template is limited to 100 keyword rankings and does not support Google local search results. The Pro version removes this limit and requires no additional tools. The elite version can support up to 100K keywords!

Not sure where to start your keyword research?

How it works?

This local search results tool is a complex work in progress, hence the beta tag. In short I use the Google Adwords location information to generate local search results based on the “uule” parameter which Google uses in it’s own SERPs. Should it not be possible to calculate the “uule” parameter I fall back to using the more general “near” parameter in order to filter the results.

Keyword rank monitoring using free & open software

Set this sheet up to run on a schedule, and you’ve got yourself an automated SERP rank checker! Automate keyword ranking reports, track and set alerts on Google position changes, and get a full understanding of what keywords you do rank for on Google – and where!

Where do I rank on Google?

This RankTank Pro SEO tool will let you check keyword rankings relative to your domain and locale, right inside of a spreadsheet. There’s a lot of keyword tools out there, but this tool is completely open and transparent. All of the code is right there for you to view, modify, and tweak to your needs? Create something cool out of this? Hit me up and let me know!

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